Disney on Ice 2018


[ADVERT - We have been provided with complimentary tickets for sharing details of this year’s Disney On Ice presents Dream Big]

We are soooooooooo excited. One of our favourite family nights out is almost upon us. Disney on Ice is back in Newcastle at the Metro Radio Arena for four nights between 2-7 October 2018, and this time they are presenting Dream Big.

Last year was our first time experiencing Disney on Ice, and it was such a magical night. We loved every bit of it. My then three year old felt so grown up being out at night, and the actual show itself was everything we’d hoped it would be. From spotting his favourite characters, to the most incredible staging and props we were totally transfixed the whole way through. The ice skaters were amazing too. I wouldn’t have put myself down as an ice skating aficionado. I’ve watched the odd episode of Dancing on Ice (okay I’ve replayed that Todd Carty aimlessly skating out of the ring on youtube on occasion) but I hadn’t realised that I would be that bothered by the professional skaters. But I was, I really was. The speed that they glide around the ring is just unbelievable, doing crazy scary things with their body but being so poised and confident. We LOVED it, so we can’t wait to do it all again this year.


Now I mentioned favourite characters. Last year it was great to see Arial and Anna and Elsa, but me and my little boy share a favourite Disney gal, and the big news is that this year Moana is taking centre stage. Whilst I love Moana for being such a badass heroine, not interested in pursuing romance, and instead focusing on friendships, being brave and saving her island, my little boy is probably more taken by her because it’s one of the few film he’s had unbridled access to as we have it on DVD. We are both thrilled we’ll be seeing Moana and Maui starring in their first Disney on Ice.

Disney on Ice presents Dream Big tells the story of eight tales of courage and heart, including Frozen, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and Tangled. If you arrive early you can also join the celebrations of 90 years of Walt Disney’s “true original,” Mickey Mouse.


Courage plays a bit part in Disney on Ice presents Dream Big which features Disney’s most daring heroines, in the brand-new ice skating spectacular.

There is so much to look forward to including:

  • Travel to the kingdom of Arendelle with Anna, Elsa and Olaf to watch the sisters doing it for themselves and saving their kingdom

  • Jump into amazing adventures with Aladdin in the marketplace of Agrabah.

  • Discover uncharted worlds with Rapunzel and Jasmine.

  • Battle the villain Maleficent in the form of a fire-breathing dragon alongside Prince Phillip, igniting the ice in a blazing spectacle.

  • Dive under the sea with headstrong Ariel as she yearns to explore life above the waves and is willing to risk it all for curiosity and the thrill of adventure.

  • And find the inner strength that comes from kindness and determination with Belle, Aurora and Cinderella.

Disney On Ice presents Dream Big was created to inspire everyone to explore their world by showcasing the Disney characters who became their own heroes. Dream Big captures all the magic and adventure of Disney’s immortal tales through cutting edge figure-skating, eye catching costumes and stunning set designs. Through innovative lighting and thrilling special effects, audiences are transported to a world of imagination, where heroes of every kind seek to fulfill their dreams. High-flying jumps, breathtaking skating and lovable Disney friends make Disney On Ice presents Dream Big an experience families will never forget.

Tickets are available from Metro Radio Arena and prices start from £18. Ticket Hotline: 0844 493 6666. Group Sales: 0191 2660006

Couple of tips if you are going this year:

  • Don’t take any backpacks. Even small kids style backpacks. All are banned from going in. We had to decant the items into another bag last year and bin ours.

  • Wear warm clothing. We were wrapped up in coats and hats last year, and were nice and cosy.

  • If you have younger kids then go for the matinee performances at 10:30 or 14:30 on Saturday 6th or Sunday 7th October. The 6:30 show finished at about 9pm last year if I remember rightly. It is a treat to be out late, but if you are worried about them falling asleep the weekend earlier shows might be the one for you.

  • There is a whole host of things to spend your money on inside the arena. From drinks, to popcorn, clothing and all of the Disney toy memorabilia you can think of. It would be easy to spend a fortune, so perhaps set the kids a budget if you want to get them a treat. That way they know how much they can spend before they go in, and can have fun picking. If you are spent up after buying the tickets consider a blindfold for the little darlings to get them past the expensive stands!


Hope to see you there.

Let us know if you have any tips to share with other people who might be heading to Disney on Ice for the first time.