Messy Play at BALTIC

*This is a sponsored post*

Last month we went to messy play at the BALTIC Centre For Contemporary Art. I’m the type of parent who likes to be out and about pretty often, but planning crafting and sensory play activities at home are well outside my comfort zone. Which is why I love classes like this, as the kids can play in all the sprinkles, flour and paint they like, but it doesn’t fall to me to clean it up.


Next classes are being held on Monday 10th September at 10:30am and 1pm. Whilst you need to book a class to secure your space, you don't need to sign up for any length of time, so don't need to worry about committing to the same time each month. I really like that they are on monthly, as when we used to go to regular weekly baby classes I found it a bit tying if I was trying to make any other plans. These are a really nice treat once a month. 


Classes are hosted by Little Learners. At the start of the class the leader explains the little learner ‘marks’ which are symbols which help kids of any age learn about letters through play. After that it’s time to get messy, which we excelled at (learn from my mistake and don’t wear pale coloured trousers).


There are different stations set up at each class. At ours there was flour, cous cous, sprinkles, play-doh and paint. The kids could move between each to whatever caught their eye. All the materials are baby safe, so you don't need to worry if your kid ends up eating more than they play with.

The class is suitable for children from when babies can sit unaided to aged 5, so it's a great class if you have siblings and are looking for one activity which they can both enjoy. 


The class costs £6.50 (or £7.59 by the time you’ve included a booking fee) and lasts an hour. As well as the messy play, the fee also includes juice and biscuits at the end. I really liked this addition (not only because I did sneak a biscuit for myself - looking after kids is hungry work) it gave everyone a bit of chill out time, and meant that I could have a quick chat with some of the parents from the class. 

Classes are held on floor 2 of the Baltic so perfectly placed for playing in the sensory area and play space afterwards. We stayed for an hour or so after as the kids love playing on the magnetic building toys they have, so we got a whole afternoons activity out of the cost of the class.

Tickets are available for the 10th September, but be quick if you fancy going as the afternoon session is already sold out.

For the 10:30 class you can book here: -