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Little Land Play Peterlee Role play centre County Durham Review

Disclaimer: We were invited to Little Land and provided with complimentary entry and lunch in return for an honest review of their playspace.

Little land play - role play in peterlee

We recently visited Little Land Play in Peterlee. One of the newest role play centres to open in the North East. I've been to quite a few role play centres now, and I think this one is the biggest? If it isn't, then for me it has the best layout and sense of space. It has been really well designed, with lots of room for kids to run around, but so that parents can view the whole play space from the seating area. The role play area walls are only as tall as kids' height and none of them had front walls/doors so there were no nooks or crannies for kids to hide behind to get up to any unseen mischief.

The whole place felt really spacious, each of the little role play sections were big enough for four or five kids to be in without completely being on top of each other. All of the toys and décor are bright and airy, and it just had a lovely feel to it.

It's a great shout for the usual busier times, such as school holidays and weekends because as there are a limited number of places for each session it should never feel too busy.

Getting There

Little Land Play is in an industrial estate in Peterlee. It is just off the A19, about 3 mins drive from the Peterlee exit, and for Sat Navs the postcode is SR8 2LS. It was mega easy to park, as it's got its own car park right outside.

Little Land Play Role Play in Peterlee Teepee tent play area kids
Little Land Play Role Play in Peterlee Baby area toddler area play area

Babies and toddlers at Little Land Play

Apart from the size, what sets Little Land Play apart from some of the others centres is the baby area. The play space is set in one big open plan room, but the baby area has been separated off with some big sofas. The baby area is the biggest dedicated under 1's area that I've seen in any of the role plays or soft plays that I've visited. It has sensory play toys, and most importantly a good sized space to crawl or toddle around safe in the knowledge that they aren't going to be trampled on by older kids.

There is also an Under Two's area with lots of toys to play with and a little slide.

Baby Classes and Extra activities included in the price

Most days there are activity sessions held in Little Land Play included in the entrance fee. Please check Little Land Play's Little Land Play or facebook page for an up to date timetable, but classes included Baby Explorers, Music and Rhyme, Story time and Rhyme. While we were there lots of the kids were joining in singing nursery rhyme songs, and I thought it was great that you were getting good value for money, with time to play as well as sit and have a sing song.


Little Land Play Role Play Stations

If you've been to a couple of role play centres, you'll start to see some themes of toys and areas which crop up often. At Little Land Play there were lots of the old favourite like the kitchen, shop, and building areas, but this centre had introduced some new ideas too. The horses stable was really popular, where the kids can jump their horses over mini jumps, and the camping area with the tent for kids to hide in was new to me. Because of the wooden and bright theme across the whole site it did have a different feel to some of the others ones I've been to.  There are loads of things for kids to dress up in, my little boy loved the dinosaur outfits, and after our visit I have seen from Little Land Play's social media pages that they have introduced a new castle play area space too.


Food at Little Land Play

We thoroughly enjoyed our food when we visited. My mum had a soup which she liked so much, she made a version herself at home the next day. We thought the food was really reasonably priced. My two had a kids meal, which cost £3.95 each and included a choice of sandwich, crisps, drink, raisins and yoghurt. Which I thought was really decent value, especially as it came with two little snacks. There were other kids options like beans on toast and breakfasts. For the grown ups we went for the soup and cheese scone combo which was £5, and ham and coleslaw sandwich which was huge. All of them were really good. Much better quality than we were expecting. My mum, who lives close by, even said it was so nice she'd consider coming back just for the café, without bringing kids!

I didn't manage to get any photos, but behind the seating area is the Mama Makes area, which showcases toys and décor made by parents which you can buy. There were some gorgeous items, but I was too busy running around after the sprogs that I didn't have as much time as I would have liked to properly look them.


Opening times and prices

At the time of us publishing this post (please check the Little Land Play for the most up to date info) the opening times were as follows:

Mornings: 9am (9:30am on weekends) - 12pm. £4.95 per child (weekdays in term time) £5.95 (weekends and holidays)

Afternoons: 12:30-3pm. £3.95 per child (weekdays in term time) £4.95 (weekends and holidays)

Later afternoon sessions (weekdays only) 3:30pm-5:30pm. £2.95 per child (weekdays in term time) £3.95 (weekends and holidays)

Under 1s are £2.95 at all times.

Booking online isn't compulsory, but like all of the role play centres, they have limited numbers that they can accommodate in each of the sessions, so if you know you'll be heading there it is definitely worthwhile booking online in advance.

Overall Views and Any Improvements?

We really loved our visit to Little Land Play. It was a relaxed trip for us adults and the kids didn't stop moving the whole time. I pretty much had to drag them out. I know I've banged on about it enough, but the spaciousness of it really sold it for me. Especially as my eldest is almost 4 and big for his age. I didn't need to worry as much about him barging into smaller kids as it was so roomy. With the wooden toys its probably one of the most polished role plays I've been to so far.

As far as improvements go I haven't got much. It's not mega cheap to visit, but it's costs less than others I've been to. I paid £6.50 to visit a different place the other day, and it was much smaller with shorter session times too. For me there is one major factor which will limit how often we go back which is the distance from where we live. Such a shame, but for us North of the Tyne it does take quite a while. But if you are South Tyneside, Sunderland or Gateshead way and you are looking for somewhere new for pre-schoolers then I would definitely recommend.

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