Beefeater Whitley Bay


A couple of weeks ago we were invited for a meal at the new Beefeater in Whitley Bay. Going out with my two preschoolers veers between a living nightmare and hell on earth these days - we spend at least half of any mealtimes crouched down picking up beans from the floor - so I decided to take my sister and her three kids, aged 12, 11 and 5 as my taste testers.  


Beefeater Whitley Bay is in a fab location, right on the sea front. The outdoor seating on the new Spanish City Plaza looks out to the waves and it is screaming out for sunny day drinks. On a warm day it would make a perfect place for a family meal out. I might even chance taking my toddlers, I find it easier to cope with them outside for some reason, them screaming about Mammy being on the toilet or suchlike feels a bit less conspicuous in the open air. The plaza has loads of room so if you are local to Whitley Bay it would be great to take the kids' scooters which they could play on whilst waiting for the food to arrive. It's also just across the road from Marine Park which is one of my favourite parks to visit with great equipment for toddlers and older kids including a splash pad for the elusive warm days that I appear to be obsessed with despite this post being published in November.

The restaurant itself is really nice, with quite a modern feel. There are lots of roomy booths to choose from all with cosy seating areas.


For kids

My primary consideration when reviewing anywhere for this blog is how child-friendly it is. The staff at Beefeater Whitley Bay were lovely with the kids and brought over an activity sheet and crayons for my 5 year old niece straight away. There were helium balloons on the backs of the chairs and staff came around with more for the kids to take home with them which was a nice touch. We didn't spot any toys or a kids area, and the layout of the restaurant meant there wasn't really anywhere I would have been able to let my toddlers play, but it was absolutely fine for the kids we had with us who were more than happy to stay at the table. There were lots of highchairs and a baby change in the loos so they had definitely thought of the smallest customers' needs.

My niece ordered from the kid's menu which is £5.49 for 2 courses and a squash (there was a cheaper option of 1 course or more expensive for 3 courses). I think this is pretty standard for kid's meal prices and at least it included a drink. The menu is really big with a choice of 10 mains including burgers, pizza, curry and even a child’s steak and chips! The sides were equally as impressive with 10 options such as garlic bread, mini jacket potatoes and corn on the cob so even the fussiest of eaters should find something they like. My niece chose spaghetti bolognase for her main but whilst it usually goes down my pretty well she wasn't a fan of this one. Both me and my sister tried it and it did taste pretty bland.

The kids menu dessert faired much better through. We picked a 'premium pud' which means it costs 99p more than the standard ones included (ice cream, yogurt or fruit salad). I find the idea of paying more for certain desserts a bit annoying. As it means the kids meal actually cost £6.48 which is creeping into pretty expensive territory for me. But pricing aside, it was a great dessert. She got the mini doughnuts which came with a selection of toppings which she could put on herself. It looked and tasted really good, so a thumbs up from us. 


The Food

The rest of us picked from the adult’s menu. To begin with we went for the Beefeater Sharing Platter (£10.79) which was a good choice for the five of us to share. It included lamb kofta, garlic bread, chicken wings, garlic mushrooms and potato wedges. The food was tasty, the portion size was decent and meant we could all have a little try of everything.


For mains both of the boys chose Double bacon and cheese steak burgers (£11.99) which were huge and they were delighted with. Both of them ate all of it (apart from the salad obvs)  and said they would definitely order it again. 


My sister and I were pretty spoiled for choice. The menu is big with lots of different types of foods such as curry’s, pastas, burgers and food from the grill. Because of the variety it would make a good place to eat out in a large group or if you have any fussy eaters as everyone should be able to pick something they would like.

We ordered from a specials menu and I didn't make the best choice. I fancied a salad, but I'm one of those people who want their salad to be accompanied with masses of carbs on the side be a proper meal. I went for a halloumi and mango salad (£10.99) and When it arrived I was a bit disappointed with how small it was. There were 4 bits of very pale halloumi wich really could have dome with an extra couple of minutes under the grill. It tasted okay but for the size and portion of halloumi I don't think it justified the price. In fairness to Beefeater Whitley Bay I can't remember whether this meal was one of the calorie controlled options so maybe that was why it was so small? My sister went for a chicken salad (£10.99) and it was much more substantial than mine. She said hers was tasted good, and it was presented really nicely. 


For dessert me and the two boys shared a Mississippi Mud Pie (£5.29) and Rocky Road Sundae (£4.99). The mud pie was rich with a lovely crunchy and slightly salty (in a good way) base. The sundae was as gooey and tasty as we had hoped it would be. Overall the desserts were our favourite part of the meal with us all really enjoying them. 


Our total bill for a kids meal, sharing starter, 4 meals, 2 desserts and 4 bottomless soft drinks was £81.51. The service was excellent. The staff were really attentive and accommodating with the kids and our meals and drinks were brought out very quickly. I think it veers on more of the expensive end of meals out. We went on a Sunday afternoon so there were no special offers in, but Beefeater Whitley Bay does have a reasonably lunchtime menu with a selection of meals for £5. So whilst I would go back I think we'll be returning for the lunchtime deal or head there in the summer after a trip to the park for a sharing platter and some drinks in the fab outdoor area rather than the more pricey evening meals. But if you are looking for a large wide ranging menu, in lovely surroundings then the Beefeater Whitley Bay could be perfect for your family meal out. 

Our taste testers. My sister, two nephews and niece. Taken outside Beefeater Whitley Bay 2 seconds after we lost that prized helium balloon.  

Our taste testers. My sister, two nephews and niece. Taken outside Beefeater Whitley Bay 2 seconds after we lost that prized helium balloon.  

 Have you visited Beefeater Whitley Bay yet? Where are your recommendations for great places to eat with families? We love reader recommendations, leave us a comment below.

Disclosure Policy - We received complimentary food and drink in return for an honest review. Unsurprising all of the random blabber and chuntering on in this post is my own. See the about us section of this website for the full corporate speak disclosure policy.