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Since starting this blog we've had a ball visiting all of the all of the classes and events that we've been lucky enough to be invited to. I think today's blog is my most important one to date though, and the one that I'm most grateful that I had had the opportunity to attend. A fortnight ago I went along to a Tumbles and Grumbles baby and child first aid course and it was brilliant. It wasn't until I was sitting in the class contemplating how I would respond if either of my kids were hurt that I realised I wouldn't have a clue about the right thing to do.


In the blog posts that I write about the places we've visited to I try and explain our experiences, but not urge people to go to the place, or book the event we're talking about as who knows if you'll enjoy a kids activity as much we did. Lets face it toddlers can be awkward little things, you might have a completely different time to us, so I try and explain what happens include some pictures and leave it at that. But for this class I would whole-heartedly recommend it. Whilst still in the class I decided that I'd book my husband to go on it too. If you've done first aid before, or if you are someone who has to read or sit in front of a computer to learn then it won't be for you. But if you are someone like me, who has never had any first aid training and gets the most out of learning by watching, practicing and asking questions, then I think it's brilliant.


The class is 3 hours long, and it is run by Caroline, a paramedic and mum. She started the classes after having her own baby, after realising that so many parents have the same fears - that our kids will get hurt and we won't know what to do. Caroline is passionate about giving parents, grandparents or any care givers the skills to be able to respond in the best way in the case of an emergency. 

The class I attended was held on a Sunday morning at The Nest in Low Fell. Classes are held all over the North East, often on weekends or evening to fit in with parents' lives. Caroline has made the classes as accessible as possible for parents, so if you have a group of four or more then she will come to you and provide the class at your home. Non-walking babies are also welcome to come along to the classes, and you can feel free to feed or change the baby as needed, so it reduces the burden of having to find a babysitter if you have a small baby. 

The classes are held in small groups, there were seven of us in total in the class I attended. We had a selection of mums and grandparents. It was very relaxed and informal, Caroline introduced herself, made us all a cuppa and then started the class. The class started with the practical element. Caroline talked us through various scenarios, using the baby and child dolls to demonstrate the steps we should take if we were to encounter a baby or child who was unconscious, not breathing or both.

Caroline from Tumbles and Grumbles demonstrates CPR

Caroline from Tumbles and Grumbles demonstrates CPR

Caroline intermixed the demonstrations with dispelling some myths about the best way to respond, giving us some stats (most were reassuring, as it was a bit daunting spending the morning considering how you'd act if you were to find your baby injured, so it was good to hear that the worst case scenarios were very unlikely) and giving us lots of chances to double check our understanding and ask questions. Caroline was really good at 'getting' our anxieties that we might not remember what to do if we were to actually need to use the skills we learned. She was able to point out the really important bits, and explained the priorities really well. 

We got a chance to practice what we learned on the dummies which was really useful, as then we could practice what position we would be in, and it prompted more questions when we were actually going through situation for ourselves. 

After the practical demos Caroline talked us through the some of the most common illnesses and injuries which affect babies, and children. She showed us how to dress a wound, firstly with items which would be in a first aid kit, but then also letting us know the best way to do it with household supplies if a first aid kit wasn't to hand. She did the same with info about how to treat a burn, as well as practical tips about the signs and symptoms of meningitis and how to respond to a baby or child if they have a fit. 

At the end of the course we were given a book which covered the information that we'd learned and which talked you through the steps. I've put mine in the drawer, and I'm planning on buying a first aid to keep there with it, so I could quickly grab both if needed.

Me giving my best effort practicing CPR

Me giving my best effort practicing CPR

It was all so so useful, definitely one of the best things I've done since I've had this blog. I don't know how much will have stuck my brain, and hope that i'm never in the situation where I need to find out, but I've definitely got a better understanding about how I should respond, and I think I would be calmer if something did go wrong. 

I really enjoyed the class, and wouldn't hesitate in recommending it to people, like me, who've never had any training in first aid. The class is £29 which I think is really reasonable for 3 hours of learning, as well as the book to take home. I think it would make a brilliant gift for a baby shower or even a baby's first Christmas present. . 

The classes are on all over the North East, and details about times and locations can be found here

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